Celebrating the strength of ALS Canada’s volunteer community

ALS doesn’t stop and neither will we. Even during these unprecedented times, ALS Society of Canada volunteers continue to give their time and skills to support people and families living with ALS.   Over the past week, in recognition and celebration of National Volunteer Week 2020 #NVW2020, you’ve had the chance to get to know some of our […]

Ice Bucket Challenge continues to drive research discovery by providing new insights into ALS

Within the brain, neurons are constantly communicating with each other. These communications can be inhibitory or excitatory, essentially like a stop or go signal. For our brains to function properly we need to have a balance between these two signals. Having too much of the excitatory, or “go” signal, has been linked to a variety […]

Together we are stronger: The ALS community takes to Ottawa

In early March, members of the ALS community joined ALS Canada in Ottawa for two days of advocacy training and meetings with politicians and other government officials. From people living with ALS  and their caregivers and family members to researchers, clinicians and volunteers, our delegation of 35 people made the following asks of the federal […]

Access to Therapies: Radicava (edaravone) Update

Updated March 10, 2021 Updated October 5, 2020 Updated May 28, 2020  Updated May 19, 2022 Originally posted October 22, 2019 In October 2018, Health Canada approved Radicava (edaravone) for use in Canada. As edaravone continues to move through the drug access pathway to become available to Canadians, there will continue to be important updates […]