Annual Reports & Financials

When you give to ALS Canada, you are joining a passionate community united in our desire to help people and families living with ALS today — and to make ALS a treatable, not terminal disease in the future.

We rely fully on the generosity of donors for our core funding. Your donations mean that:

  • People across Ontario can receive services and support to make their journey with ALS easier
  • Important Canadian research can take place to drive scientific discoveries that will help lead to the development of effective treatments for ALS
  • Provincial and federal governments can better understand the needs of people and families living with ALS in order to consider policy changes that will lead to better support and access within the healthcare system.

For more information about how donor dollars are invested and how they have helped to make a difference, we invite you to read our Annual Reports.

ALS Canada Annual Reports

ALS Canada Financial Statements

To view the information we have filed with the Canada Revenue Agency including our T-3010, please visit our listing on the Canada Revenue Agency website.