Just as someone living with ALS needs support from family, friends and the healthcare system to manage the day-to-day complexities of their journey, we too work with other organizations to be as effective as possible in stewarding donor dollars, delivering services and support to Ontarians living with ALS, and investing in research to make ALS a treatable, not terminal disease.

Charitable sector partners

Our membership in these organizations helps to ensure that we can be a strong charitable sector leader:

Health sector partners

Our work with health sector organizations provincially, nationally, and internationally ensures a collaborative approach in helping to meet the needs of people living with ALS and in funding research for effective treatments.

Giving partners

Our partnerships with these organizations help to fund Canadian ALS research as well as support and services for people and families living with ALS in Ontario:

Research partners

Research collaborations enable us to pool our resources with other organizations in order to learn more about ALS and target therapies that will make it a treatable, not terminal disease. Our partners include:

Service delivery partners

ALS Canada works with various community partners to deliver services and support to people and families living with ALS in Ontario. These include: