At the ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada), we see firsthand the tremendous impact of an ALS diagnosis – physically, mentally, and financially. The realities of the disease are harsh – and they reinforce the need for better government support and access within the health care system.  

That is why ALS Canada engages government officials and key decision-makers on a federal, pan-Canadian, and provincial (Ontario) level. Our work is grounded in the lived experience of people living with ALS. We advocate for policy changes that will have a meaningful impact on people living with ALS today and in the future, including equitable, timely and affordable access to therapies, improved home and community care, research funding and more.

We work with the ALS community to inform our advocacy priorities and empower people affected by ALS as community advocates to bring forward their personal stories. Where appropriate and aligned with our advocacy priorities, ALS Canada may build on grassroots initiatives. We also work with many stakeholders in the ALS ecosystem including ALS clinicians individually and through the Canadian ALS Research Network (CALS), researchers, and other ALS organizations. 

We also engage at the local level with health care providers and agencies to help the people we support access services and other resources that can lessen the burden of living with ALS. 

To learn more about ALS Canada’s advocacy efforts as well as relevant developments within government, visit our quarterly Advocacy Updates blog posts.