Expedited and equitable access to ALBRIOZA

The current drug approval and reimbursement processes in Canada do not function in such a way that reflects the realities of living with ALS. In Canada, even after a new drug is approved, people living with ALS are forced to wait years through a drawn-out, confusing, red-tape-filled process before decisions are made on whether provincial/territorial drug plans will cover the drug.

In June 2022, Health Canada approved ALBRIOZA (AMX0035). However, more than one year after the regulatory review started, the treatment is still not accessible through public funding for people living with ALS, anywhere in Canada. And while CADTH has recommended publicly funding the treatment, their recommendation includes restrictive criteria that do not align with the realities of the diagnosis and treatment of ALS in Canada.

This lack of progress in expediting access to new ALS treatments takes a toll on the ALS community. That is why the ALS Society of Canada needs your help telling your elected officials that it’s unacceptable to make Canadians with ALS wait years to access new treatments after they’ve been approved by Health Canada.

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Take Action Together

The Time is Now position paper released in June 2021 by the ALS Society of Canada – in consultation with the broader Canadian ALS community – offers two concrete and concurrent solutions to getting Health Canada-approved treatments to Canadians living with ALS in a timeframe that more accurately reflects the urgency faced by this community.

Use the e-advocacy tool below to email your provincial government and urge them to implement the solutions outlined in the Time is Now by reimbursing ALBRIOZA without delay and ensure criteria is in place that will allow anyone who could benefit from the therapy – as determined by their ALS clinician – to have public coverage.

People living with ALS do not have the time to wait. We must see the provinces champion expedited and equitable access to approved ALS treatments.