“YES, I believe in continuing to build Canada as a primary destination for ALS clinical trials.”
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In Canada, we need timely, equitable access to the most promising experimental and proven ALS treatments available. This means Canada must be a primary destination for ALS clinical trials. How do we do this? First we need to continue to create an environment that supports clinical trials in this country. Will you help us create momentum by adding your name to the list of Canadians who believe in this work?

Clinical trials help us further research that can bring more treatment options to Canadians living with ALS. Although ALS Canada does not run clinical trials, with your support, we can continue to strengthen Canada as a place that supports ALS clinical trials. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Establish early relationships with industry who are invested in development of new treatments through clinical trials and strive to continually keep Canada on every company’s radar;
  • Provide administrative support for the Canadian ALS Research Network (CALS) as a coordinated group of ALS clinics across Canada to ensure readiness for clinical trials;
  • Build strategic relationships and foster collaboration amongst researchers, clinicians, and industry;
  • Build clinical capacity and clinical trial readiness by funding research and grants across the country through the ALS Canada Research Program, including Clinical Research Fellowships;
  • Be a source of information for Canadians about drug development through to access of approved therapies, to empower people to make informed decisions and advocate for access to treatments.

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