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From scientific curiosity to a breakthrough ALS research discovery

I am an ALS scientist. For years, I have been spending my days conducting research in the lab. We are always trying to find the next big discovery, and today I want to tell you something: the biggest discovery of...

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ALS Canada Advocacy Update – July – September 2022

This blog series is a place for the ALS community to learn about and stay updated on ALS Canada’s advocacy efforts as well as relevant developments within government. Please note that because ALS Canada advocates federally and provincially within Ontario,...

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ALS Canada Pull to End ALS

Teams pull together to raise money to support a future without ALS

TORONTO – It takes more than just pure strength to pull a 42,000-lb transport truck by hand for 100 metres. It takes teamwork and a passionate commitment to pull together for change – for a future without amyotrophic lateral sclerosis...

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ALS Canada Research Update, September 2022

ALS researchers from around the world continue to build upon existing work and make new discoveries in the hopes of realizing a future without ALS. In the September 2022 Research Update, you’ll learn about the progress researchers have made in...

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Supporters of the ALS cause gear up for change on September 25

ALS Society of Canada's Revolution Ride inspires action for a future without ALS

HAMILTON – Cyclists will gear up for change at the second annual ALS Canada Revolution Ride taking place on Sunday, September 25 in Dundas, Ontario. Participants will cycle to build awareness and fundraise in support of people living with amyotrophic...

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Going for gold: Researchers open the blood-brain barrier for better drug delivery

One of the most important safeguards in our bodies is the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Created by tightly interlocked vessel wall cells, the barrier prevents viruses and other microscopic malcontents that could do much harm to our central nervous system from...

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