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Supporters of the ALS cause gear up for change on September 25

ALS Society of Canada's Revolution Ride inspires action for a future without ALS

HAMILTON – Cyclists will gear up for change at the second annual ALS Canada Revolution Ride taking place on Sunday, September 25 in Dundas, Ontario. Participants will cycle to build awareness and fundraise in support of people living with amyotrophic...

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Going for gold: Researchers open the blood-brain barrier for better drug delivery

One of the most important safeguards in our bodies is the blood-brain barrier (BBB). Created by tightly interlocked vessel wall cells, the barrier prevents viruses and other microscopic malcontents that could do much harm to our central nervous system from...

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ALS Canada welcomes three new Board members in 2022/23

The ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada) is excited to welcome Dr. Leslie Green, Jude Groves, and Kris Noakes to our Board of Directors. Comprised of leadership volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and expertise, our Board ensures ALS Canada...

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ALS Canada thanks outgoing Board members for commitment to our shared cause

With gratitude and appreciation, the ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada) acknowledges the significant contributions of four Board members whose terms have come to an end. Thank you to Norma Beauchamp, Catherine Bélanger, Josette Melanson, and Jim Mitrakos for your...

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A novel collaboration brings decades of expertise to ALS research

Dr. Angela Genge has been working on clinical trials for ALS for years, but there’s still a major hurdle to identifying effective treatments. “We’re still using functional measures to see whether or not something is working,” she said.  This includes...

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Pushing boundaries in medical imaging to explore new pathways for ALS treatment

Neurological imaging has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past two decades. Researchers can now “see” details of biological processes at a level never previously imagined. But we still aren’t using imaging to its full potential, says Dr. Freimut...

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