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ALS Canada’s 2021 Research Forum: Bringing together the research and patient community virtually

Each year, ALS Canada convenes the brightest minds in ALS research across Canada at a two-day Research Forum to discuss their work and build capacity for more discoveries in this rapidly changing field. After the pandemic cancelled our plans to...

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A single mom living with ALS has high hopes for Lou Gehrig Day

For Taya Jones, a single mother of three, there has been one silver lining during COVID-19, and that has been making memories with her children in the evenings, after work and school. “We’ve been isolated together for more than a...

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Could inflammation in this pathway provide a new target for ALS therapies?

Discovery Grant empowers Canadian team to examine the cGAS-STING pathway across a range of ALS models

A newly identified pathway has been piquing research interest around the world for its possible role in ALS. Recently, Canadian virologist Dr. Honglin Luo, in collaboration with her colleague Dr. Neil Cashman, discovered that an immune pathway known as cGAS-STING...

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How new drugs become approved and accessible to Canadians

Earlier this year, manufacturer Amylyx announced that it plans to pursue Health Canada approval for its AMX0035 therapy. We’ve updated the blog post we first published back in 2018 about how new drugs become accessible in Canada to help orient...

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Lou Gehrig Day: A call to action from a former NHLer

Mark Kirton faces ALS with the mindset of a pro athlete. He played in the National Hockey League from 1978 to 1988 for Toronto, Detroit and Vancouver and then followed that up with a successful career in real estate in...

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A family of Blue Jays fans cheers on Lou Gehrig Day

Baseball has always been a special part of the Cels family. Mike Cels played the sport through high school, switching to slow pitch as an adult and playing it at a competitive level for most of his adult life. After...

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