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ALS Canada invests more than $800,000 in the future of ALS research

ALS Canada Research Program awards two Clinical Research Fellowships and five Trainee Awards

Toronto – Investing in specialized training in clinical care and research skills and supporting young minds are two important ways to continue to ensure the advancement of research across all areas related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The ALS Canada...

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How “accidental” discoveries can lead to new insights in ALS biology

“We need to understand the fundamentals, we need to understand the underlying cell biology so that we can create good, rationally designed therapies.” - Dr. Christine Vande Velde “Everything started with a discovery we found by accident,” said Dr. Christine...

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What a new mouse model can teach us about weight loss, metabolism, and ALS

Two of the prominent hallmarks of ALS are weight loss and metabolic dysfunction. There are clues that hypermetabolism – when the body uses too much energy to regulate things like appetite, temperature, and hormones – might be a contributing factor,...

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ALS Canada Advocacy Update – January-March 2022

This blog series is a place for the ALS community to learn about and stay updated on ALS Canada’s advocacy efforts as well as relevant developments within government. Please note that because ALS Canada advocates federally and provincially within Ontario,...

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Mise à jour sur les initiatives d’interventions de la Société canadienne de la SLA – janvier-mars 2022

Cette série de blogues permettra à la communauté SLA de se familiariser avec les efforts d’intervention de la SLA et de demeurer au fait des nouveaux développements pertinents au sein du gouvernement. Veuillez noter que, puisque la Société canadienne de...

A powerful collaboration offers crucial insights at the frontier of ALS biology

Our understanding of cell biology has been revolutionized in the past decade, leading to new insights on how motor neurons degenerate at the cellular level. Early-career researchers Ji-Young Youn at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and Hyun Kate Lee,...

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