My name is Mehboob, and I’d like to share my story with you. And I want to say thank you. 

In late 2020, life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with ALS. Once the provider of medical care as a family physician in the community of Stoney Creek, Ontario, I found myself in need of care and support.

ALS, as many of you might know, is a relentless adversary. The speed with which it operates can be overwhelming. But the journey I embarked on has become one not of despair but of hope and inspiration.

I have learned to accept this journey that I am on. This disease is a rare one, and while I still can, I will do everything in my power to raise awareness about what it is like for families like mine and what we are going through. Like the needs we have. The costly aspects of this disease – so much care and equipment are required, which is not cheap. The emotional toll it takes on our partners – like my incredible wife Sophie, who I love with all my heart. 

Some of you may remember the ALS Canada Walk to End ALS event earlier this year. I had the honour of leading our team, “Marching for Hope.” Together, we raised close to $15,000 for ALS research, and I pledged to match a part of those funds personally. But the Walk was not just about funds; it was a statement – a statement that despite the odds, we would stay strong, we would press forward, and most importantly, we would hope.

Today, nearly six months later, I reflect upon our journey together. Despite the hurdles – the wheelchair, the physical setbacks, the emotional challenges – there’s been an incredible force of good around Sophie and me. And this force is a daily reminder that there is so much we can still do. Your support, your words of encouragement, and your unwavering belief have been the wind beneath our wings. Thank you for supporting ALS Canada. Thank you for supporting me. 

I’ve always believed in the power of community. In my years as a physician, and now, more than ever, as a part of the ALS community, I’ve witnessed what collective compassion and commitment can achieve. Every day, my heart is warmed to know I am not alone – you and the rest of the community are right here with me. Thank you.

It’s not just about fundraising but about creating awareness, providing support, and, most importantly, showing that we’re in this together. Every message, every phone call, every tiny gesture has had a profound impact on me. And it’s these collective efforts that hold the promise of a brighter future for everyone affected by ALS.

So, as we journey forward, remember this: your involvement, commitment, and heart have made a difference. You’ve given me, and countless others, strength and hope.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



Diagnosed with ALS in 2020