The ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada) is pleased to be collaborating with IMD Health to provide easily accessible, up-to-date digital health education to healthcare providers, people living with ALS, and their families on the IMD platform 

Empowering Canadians affected by ALS to be informed consumers of ALS information is one of the cornerstones of ALS Canada’s mandate. Having a presence on the IMD platform will contribute to more people having access to the information they need when it comes to making decisions about their health and advocating for themselves and the ALS community.

IMD Health is one of the largest digital health education platforms in North America, offering innovative technology that facilitates meaningful dialogue between healthcare professionals and people inside the examination room, in hospitals and pharmacies, and during virtual consultations. IMD’s award-winning platform enables healthcare professionals to instantly access over 110,000 educational graphics, videos, and other informative resources spanning more than 6,000 health topics. 

IMD Health curates medical content from more than 100 non-profit health organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and puts them at the fingertips of healthcare professionals through one easy-to-use tool. They can securely email content to their patients for later review, increasing people’s understanding of their condition and treatment plan, and ultimately improving their health outcomes. In addition to this, IMD Health hosts thousands of Health Care Practitioner (HCP)-facing resources, including information about medications, clinical practice guidelines, and culturally sensitive care. 

ALS Canada’s resources are now freely available on IMD Health. This means that IMD’s established healthcare provider network can send people living with ALS resource packages containing trusted information on disease understanding, symptom management, sexual health, support & services, youth support, caregiver support, associated conditions, research, and advocacy. Resources also include professional tools for HCP learning. 

People living with ALS can self-educate and become active participants in their care with IMD’s public site. Here, you can access medically vetted, reliable, and engaging resources from ALS Canada, along with more than 100 health charities and organizations. 

ALS Canada is pleased to be a content partner of IMD Health. Responding to the tremendous need for current and credible ALS knowledge, awareness and education, ALS Canada empowers Canadians affected by ALS to navigate the current realities of ALS, be informed consumers of ALS information, and advocate effectively for change. This is one avenue to do it and we encourage healthcare professionals and their patients to make use of our resources on the platform. 

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