A new location with a revitalized event day experience!

By now you’ve likely heard or read about our new partnerships with Ports Toronto and Porter Airlines Inc. It’s exciting because our 8th Annual Plane Pull to End ALS has found a new home at Toronto’s Downtown Billy Bishop Airport and the move has given us the opportunity to expand on our vision to deliver an unforgettable experience from start to finish

On October 20, 2018, registered teams for the Plane Pull to End ALS will be on the tarmac at Billy Bishop Airport flexing their fundraising muscles as they attempt to pull a 37,000-pound plane a 100-metre distance in support of a future without ALS.

This event is exclusively available to 15 registered Plane Pull teams and there are only three spots left! There’s no general public access here and participants will get to see a side of Billy Bishop Airport that few people have ever seen. Teams will be transported by a private bus across an operating airport and will arrive at ALS Canada’s first-class lounge on the tarmac. If that isn’t cool enough, the views of the city from the pull site will have you instagramming your heart out!

The event will be hosted by ALS Canada supporter and comedian, Justin Landry for the third year in a row. Justin has a special way of engaging a crowd and we guarantee it’ll be a day you’ll never forget.

A sneak peek into some of the competition

Curious as to who is pulling this year? We’ve put together a sneak peek summary of a handful of the teams participating. Learn why they’re pulling to end ALS and how long they’ve been involved. If you’ve got a team that you’re interested in registering and having featured, get on that – we only have three spots left!

Team Porter
A new addition to the Plane Pull roster comes from one of our proud sponsors. Not only are they supporting the event, but they’re rolling up their sleeves and stepping up to the Plane Pull challenge. We’re excited to see how they take their expertise in aviation and apply it on the tarmac. Since aviation is your thing, there’s no pressure right? Welcome to the Pull!

EQB –  Four Teams: Force, Crew, Aviators, Flight
Force is one of four teams coming from sponsor Equitable Bank’s team line up. Lolo Lam, team captain for Team Equitable Bank – Force, is a force indeed. She lost her father to ALS in 2010 and is coordinating four separate teams this year! Lolo is a familiar face at the Plane Pull coming back for her sixth time and really looking forward to the new location. “If I can do it, anyone can. I am 5 foot nothing! All we need are some muscles,” she says. Good luck teams!

Team BLG
Team captain, Dyana Janes brings Team BLG to the tarmac this year, and they’re back for the fifth year in a row. Currently, they are the top Plane Pull fundraising team for this year and raised over $15,000 for Plane Pull in 2017! Think this will be enough to pump them up to break the record time? We’re rooting for you!

Team YTZ
Ports Toronto – another proud sponsor – has registered a rookie team this year with Gene Cabral wearing the team captain hat. We’re excited to have you on board! (pun totally intended). Although the airport is their daily business, on Plane Pull day, they’ll be experiencing it in a very different way. Think you’ll beat Porter’s time? Good luck!

Markham Professional Firefighters Association
Cameron Hodge and his team currently hold the title for fastest pull time at an incredible 44 seconds! They stand behind the cause as it’s close to their hearts and find the strength from within to pull together to end ALS. Will the Markham Firefighters hold on to their title or possibly beat it? We challenge you to pull it in 40 seconds!

For Pete’s Sake
Monica Boaretto brings Team “For Pete’s Sake” back to the Plane Pull for their fifth year. Monica lost her father, Peter, to ALS and does the event to give back and help ALS Canada help others experiencing what she and her family went through. Peter was passionate about aviation and flew planes himself before being diagnosed with ALS. Monica and her team are back in 2018 for another go at the top pull time title! We wish you all the best with your Plane Pull prep!

Register or donate to the latest ALS Canada Pull event here.

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