In 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge became a viral social media sensation … and ALS researchers across the country – along with ALS Canada staff and supporters – responded to the challenge. For a full list of the researchers in the video, see below.

  1. ALS Canada Staff
  2. Dr. Richard Bedlack, Duke ALS Clinic, North Carolina
  3. Sneha Chenji, lab of Dr. Sanjay Kalra, University of Alberta
  4. Chantelle Petersen, ALS Canada client, and Philip Green, Chantelle’s husband
  5. Dr. Stanley Appel, Houston Methodist Neurological Institute
  6. Dr. Lawrence Korngut, University of Calgary
  7. Family of Jim Hunter, ALS Canada supporters
  8. Dr. Angela Genge and Dr. Rami Massie, Montreal Neurological Institute
  9. Dr. Stuart Cleary and Dr. Kelvin Jones, University of Alberta
  10. Dr. François Gros-Louis, CRCHU, and Bastien Paré, Université Laval
  11. Dr. Pierre Drapeau, Dr. Alex Parker, Dr. Martine Therrien, Guillaume Caron, Alexandria Lissouba and Dr. Gary Armstrong, CRCHUM
  12. Dr. Lorne Zinman, Dr. Janice Robertson, Dr. Aaron Izenberg, Dr. Laura MacNair and Dr. Jesse McLean, Sunnybrook Research Institute
  13. Dr. Colleen O’Connell, Dalhousie University
  14. Cindy Lister and Robin Farrell, ALS Cycle of Hope
  15. Dr. Richard Robitaille, Elsa Tremblay, Eric Martineau and Dr. Danielle Arbour, Université de Montréal
  16. Dr. Sanjay Kalra, University of Alberta
  17. Cindy Lister and Robin Farrell, ALS Cycle of Hope
  18. Kristiana Salmon, Montreal Neurological Institute
  19. Dr. Michael Strong, Michael Tavolieri and Alexander Moszczynski, Western University
  20. Denrell Mah, Edmonton ALS Clinic
  21. Dr. Jean-Pierre Julien, Dr. Jasna Kriz, Vincent Picher-Martel and Louis-Charles Beland, Université Laval
  22. Dr. David Taylor, VP Research, ALS Canada
  23. Dr. Victor Rafuse, Dalhousie University
  24. Marie Beaudin, lab of Dr. Nicolas Dupré, Université Laval
  25. Dr. Wendy Johnston, University of Alberta
  26. Dr. Christen Shoesmith, London Health Sciences Centre ALS Clinic
  27. Dr. Geneviève Matte, Notre Dame Hospital
  28. Dr. Heather Durham, Dr. Benoit Gentil and Dr. Michael Tibshirani, Montreal Neurological Institute
  29. ALS Canada Board of Directors
  30. Tammy Moore, CEO, ALS Canada
  31. Dr. Fabio Rossi, University of British Columbia
  32. Brian Parsons, ALS Canada advocate
  33. Brad Butt, former MP, Mississauga — Streetsville
  34. Dr. Agessandro Abrahao, Sunnybrook Hospital
  35. Robert Blum, President and CEO, Cytokinetics
  36. Dr. Guy Rouleau, Dr. Patrick Dion and Dr. Martine Therrien, McGill University
  37. ALS Canada Staff

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list – many researchers across the country participated in the challenge but were not featured in this video. 

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