As the month of June wraps up, so too does ALS Awareness Month. Over the past several weeks, ALS Canada has invited you to #SeizeTodayALS by telling us how you have chosen to find joy and laughter in every day, despite the challenges of living with ALS.

We have been privileged to share the stories of caregivers like Beth and Grace who have lost loved ones; people living with ALS like Don and Judy who continue to remain active while they can; and families like the Peacocks and the Sutherlands, whose love and sense of purpose have been an ongoing source of strength.

Many of you shared your own experiences and words of support throughout the month – check out the below compilation of just a few of the comments, photos, and videos you posted. Thank you to all who participated, and in particular to those who exhibited tremendous grace and strength in sharing their stories.

Everyone’s experience with ALS is different. But together we are united in our common goal to make ALS a treatable, not terminal disease.

Cliff Hope shares a photo of his companion on his ALS journey:
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