Community engagement plays a really important role in fundraising for ALS Canada. We are grateful for everyone who gets involved and dedicates their time to hosting BBQ’s, block parties, dance-a-thons, and Ice Bucket Challenges! We could not do the work we do, without your support.

Meet Kinga Repic.

ALS Canada: What kind of community events have you helped organize?

Kinga: For 5 years, I organized my own soccer tournament and have organized a garage sale. But I’ve participated in many events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, Volleyball for ALS, Bike Rides for ALS, (Boston to NY and Napa Valley California), Plunge for ALS (in February 2015 in New Jersey), Dodgeball Event for ALS, “Kick ALS” fundraiser in Guelph, Skydive for ALS – in which I jumped twice – and have gone to various other events across Canada and the US to support the cause.

ALS Canada: Why do you think getting involved in community events is important?

Kinga: Because at each event there will be someone new who learns about ALS. In turn, they will share what they learned with their friends, who will also share it with their friends. It becomes a domino effect in the process of raising funds as well as ALS Awareness.

ALS Canada: Why do you get involved?

Kinga: Because there’s no cure for ALS. Even though it will never bring my mom back, I hope to raise enough awareness and money for a cure to stop another family going through what we went through with ALS.

If you would like to host your own community engagement event, please contact Tracey Adams, Community Engagement Coordinator at ALS Canada, at We look forward to working with you to help make your event a success!

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