ALS doesn’t stop and neither will we. Even during these unprecedented times, ALS Society of Canada volunteers continue to give their time and skills to support people and families living with ALS.  

Over the past week, in recognition and celebration of National Volunteer Week 2020 #NVW2020, you’ve had the chance to get to know some of our amazing volunteers as they gave you a peek into what they do, what motivates and inspires them, and the memorable moments that stand out for them.  Our volunteers are central to the work we do, so in addition to sending all of them a big thank you, we wanted to share just a few of the many ways they make a difference. 

In 2019, ALS Canada volunteers gave more than 9,500 hours of their time to support our shared causeThe time and skills given by our volunteers play a big role in helping to create a future without ALS. Here are just a few of the ways that our volunteers provide leadership: 

– Walk Coordinators and community event organizers share their knowledge, skills and expertise to support event planning, fundraising, securing sponsorships, and seeking out new opportunities in the community. 

– Board and Advisory Council membersprovide strategic leadership and oversight, keeping the organization accountable in meeting its objectives and providing thoughtful direction with the needs of the ALS community in mind.

– Speakers, advocates and awareness volunteersshare their personal experiences to help others understand the realities of living with ALS and the need for things to be different.

– Office volunteerssupport projects like conducting phone client satisfaction surveys, collecting feedback to ensure people living with ALS are well-supported, and mailing of tax receipts.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has already proven to be challenging for the ALS community and the world, however, we continue to be amazed and humbled by the resiliency of our volunteer community, which has stepped up with enthusiasm by sharing new ideas and continuing to donate their time and skills.  

As we wrap up National Volunteer Week, we thank all of our volunteers from the bottom of our hearts for everything they do and all that they give in support of the ALS cause.

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