Because of supporters like you, in addition to the $10,000 match that was offered by ALS Canada’s dear friend, Deirdre, $24,000 was raised for the ALS Canada COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund and it has helped to evolve our programs for people and families living with ALS.

How has the COVID-19 Urgent Response Fund made a difference? Here are some examples of your dollars at work:

Immediately following the Coronavirus pandemic lock-down in Ontario, ALS Canada Regional Managers connected with people and families living with ALS through 5,369 interactions by phone, video, email and text message to discuss challenges, ease anxieties, and help navigate our evolving healthcare system


ALS Canada Regional Managers hosted 63 online support groups through video conferencing to reduce the impact of social isolation, foster peer learning and experience-sharing among people living with ALS


Since May 4th, ALS Canada’s Equipment Program delivered 549 pieces of equipment and mobility devices to people living with ALS to maintain their independence and ability – all while supporting them to live safely in their home and out of hospital.


ALS Canada developed and hosted 5 webinars in response to challenges faced by people living with ALS during COVID-19. Topics included how to stay safe at home and maintain social distancing, navigating end of life during the pandemic, wellness and relaxation, and easing fears during this pandemic.


Your generosity and support throughout COVID-19 has also enabled us to continue to support leading-edge ALS research in the pursuit of a future without ALS during a time when health research funding is so challenged, and to continue to engage with the federal and Ontario governments to bring forward the needs of the ALS community to advocate for policy changes that will have a meaningful impact today and in the future.

While the course of this pandemic is uncertain, we will continue to do our part in working with the ALS community to improve the lives of people with ALS through support, advocacy and research for a future without this disease. We are grateful to our donors and partners whose generosity has enabled us to adapt to this new reality – because of you, no one with ALS is left behind.

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