Updated: September 17, 2018

For many years, the WALK for ALS has been bringing people together in support of a shared cause. Everyone has their own reasons for participating: some go to support a recently-diagnosed friend or family member; others focus on raising awareness, and some people WALK to honour the legacy of a loved one.

“My mother was a very vibrant and outgoing person,” Deanna shares emotionally. “She truly loved life.”

Olga is remembered as a courageous woman who faced the challenges of ALS with perseverance and strength, always finding new ways to complete her daily tasks. Her cheerful attitude and persistent smile helped her through the tough times living with the diagnosis, serving as a reminder to Deanna and her family to never give up as they came to terms with the realities and challenges of the disease.

“The person living with the illness requires so much help and assistance,” she says. “As ALS progresses, more and more help is needed.”

It is the strength of her mother’s memory that carries Deanna forward in her role as a WALK for ALS coordinator. She was inspired to get involved after her mother asked the family to attend their local WALK, and she felt it was important to continue to contribute.

“It’s great to connect with people and families who are facing the challenges of the disease and to provide your support and encouragement,” she says. “The WALK is an important event where we can raise awareness and funds for continued research and support to provide clients with various equipment that is needed. I will always be involved with ALS and hope that one day this will be a treatable disease.”

This Saturday will mark Deanna’s fifteenth year participating in the WALK for ALS, eleven years with the committee, and fourth year as a co-coordinator for her local event.

What role do WALK for ALS coordinators play?

WALK for ALS coordinators are the lead volunteers responsible for organizing the event in their community. Their main duties include recruiting volunteers, securing sponsorships, generating local awareness, and overseeing all aspects of the WALK on the day of the event.

The WALK for ALS takes place in over 90 communities across Canada until September 22, 2018. Register or donate to a WALK near you at www.walkforals.ca. Donations for all WALK for ALS events are being accepted until December 31, 2018.

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