This Valentine’s Day, we would like to highlight Trevor and Jennifer’s story about finding love while living with ALS.

Trevor was my first love in high school. Although short term, the strong connection we had was never forgotten. We lost track of each other but reconnected again after 28 years on Facebook in 2015. I was ecstatic to find that the blue eyed, sweet boy I had wondered about all these years grew into a successful man with a beautiful family. I was also saddened to learn that he was diagnosed with ALS in 2012, but proud to hear that he was such a positive advocate and mentor to others. We immediately became friends again, chatting and skyping when possible.

When we finally reunited, it was like time had not passed. I planned a fundraiser for Trevor and his family to help raise money for a wheelchair accessible van. Weeks before the fundraiser, Trevor informed me that his wife had left him. My heart sank – I could not believe my ears. The weekend came for the fundraiser – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Eventually, Trevor moved into an apartment in the same city as me. For many months, I traveled back and forth to be with him as much as I could with a house and family of my own. As Trevor’s health declined, he soon required 24-hour care. A large renovation is required for him to live in my home due to the stairs and though it is costly, we have taken on a loan to cover the costs. Bringing him home where he belongs was the most important thing to me.

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