Last Christmas I was playing hockey. Now I need help to stand up.
John Hamm, diagnosed with ALS in 2014

One of John Hamm’s favourite holiday traditions is playing pond hockey with his three kids. But this year, he won’t be strapping on skates.

This holiday season, John’s wife Cathy will bundle him up in warm clothes and, together with son Jake, pull John out to the pond on a toboggan so he can watch.

You see, a little over a year ago, John was diagnosed with ALS. Within months the 48-year-old went from working as a firefighter and enjoying the outdoors with his family to needing help just to stand up. “ALS is a devastating disease,” says John. “Week by week it gets worse.”

Please make a holiday gift to the ALS Society of Canada today.

We’re fighting hard to find treatments and improve the quality of life for John and everyone living with this terrible disease, but we can’t do it alone. Your support is urgently needed to ensure we can continue to invest in vital research and advocate on behalf of all Canadians impacted by ALS.

“Just knowing someone is doing something is so important,” says John. “It gives us a reason to be hopeful.”

Make your holiday donation now and give the gift of hope to everyone battling ALS.

Only with your help can we make ALS treatable. Not terminal.



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