The countdown is on! ALS Awareness Month kicks off June 1 and this year it’s all about bringing us together online so that we can continue to build community and create visibility, even while we distance physically. Because even though the world is different right now, one thing hasn’t changed – WHY you want to change the reality of ALS.

Everyone has their own WHY but ultimately, we all want the same thing – a future without ALS, as soon as possible. Yesterday was too late.

By participating in ALS Awareness Month this year, you’ll be able to connect online with hundreds of others who care about the ALS cause as much as you do. This connection will take the form of activities for you to take part in throughout the month. Not every activity will be ground-breaking or urgent, but there will be something for everyone, whether you’re interested in awareness, advocacy, research, connectedness or random acts of kindness. Best of all, you’ll quickly be able to see how united and committed the ALS community is AND help to create awareness, which in turn leads to support and action.

So, what can you do to prepare for ALS Awareness Month?

The first and best thing you can do to be part of ALS awareness month is to follow ALS Canada on social media. By giving us a follow, you’ll be able to find out what each day’s activity is. You can find us at @alscanada on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

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Want to do even more? Here are some other suggestions:

  • Review our social media community guidelines. It takes courage and vulnerability for people affected by ALS to share their personal experiences online. We will be doing our part to maintain our social media channels as safe spaces. Posts and comments that are not constructive, or that are inappropriate, hurtful, or demonstrate abusive or toxic behaviour, will be removed.
  • Get your supplies ready! We don’t want to give away all the fun that’s planned throughout the month, but if you’re up for participating in our daily activities, some of the things that will help you to do this are:
    • A plain white t-shirt (that you’re comfortable transforming into a work of art!)
    • Writing or printing supplies – magic markers, construction paper, sidewalk chalk, computer printers – whatever you have on hand to create written messages and signs.
    • Something purple that you can wear
    • Social media savvy – you don’t need to be a social media expert, but a comfort level with the basics, like tagging and using hashtags, will help you to more fully participate in the month. Check out this article or watch this video for a quick primer.
  • Follow your local Walk to End ALS on social media. This document lists all of the Walk to End ALS locations in Ontario with links to their social media accounts.
  • Register for the Walk to End ALS. Canada’s single biggest fundraising event for ALS, the Walk to End ALS raises money for ALS Societies to provide community-based support and fund best-in-class Canadian research through the ALS Canada Research Program. Even better, our partner Brain Canada is matching 40% of all funds raised through the Walk for investment in ALS research! Register today.
  • Circle June 21 on your calendar. Not only is June 21 the day of the virtual Walk to End ALS – it’s also Global ALS Awareness Day! We’ll be celebrating the day with a virtual start line at 9:30am ET and a virtual finish line at 11am ET. In between, you’ll have the opportunity to do your Walk, your way! Learn more here.

While the tone of ALS Awareness Month this year is light – because goodness knows we all need a lift right now – we know there’s an underlying gravity and that the need for action is strong. We understand, and you can be assured that our efforts to advocate and support the ALS community are continuing. Because ALS doesn’t stop – and neither will we.

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