ALS is always about time. How much time do I have? How much time until I can’t hug my children? How much time until I can no longer walk, or eat, or breathe?

It’s about time we change that.

It’s about time we stop ALS from shattering dreams, from devastating lives. It’s about time to speak the truth: ALS can happen to anyone.

But we can do something about it.

It’s about time more people understood the harsh realities of ALS. It’s about time for ALS to be a treatable, not terminal disease. It’s about time for more time.

Starting in June – ALS Awareness month – and continuing to the end of this year, we’ll be sharing the stories of people in our community who need time for more joy, more laughter, more of the special moments in life that ALS takes away.

You’ll meet Adam, a hockey coach and father of two who wears his positivity as a badge of honour after being diagnosed with ALS earlier this year. Karen, a travel agent whose ALS is slowing her down but who dreams of setting sail on a European river cruise. Beth, who misses her husband Tim every day and recounts how he was able to wheel their daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

As we share their stories, we’ll be inviting you to join as part of a strong and focused community determined to change the reality of ALS. There are many ways you can do so: Tell us what you think it’s about time for. Participate in the Walk to End ALS. Send a message to our political leaders. Make a donation. All of these efforts add up, and it will take all of us working together to make a difference.

Now is the time to create a future without ALS.

You can join us and stay up-to-date on our efforts to create a future without ALS by joining our community online. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.


About the ALS Society of Canada

Through the ALS Canada Research Program we invest in peer-reviewed research grants, foster collaboration and build capacity within Canada’s ALS research community, and participate in new areas of research where we are well-positioned to have an impact. Within Ontario, ALS Canada has a role similar to that of the provincial ALS societies providing services and support to help meet the needs of people living with ALS. Through advocacy federally and provincially within Ontario, ALS Canada gives voice to the collective experience of people living with ALS to help drive program and system changes for the ALS community. We rely on generous donor support to carry out our mission.

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