York Region WALK for ALS

For day two of National Volunteer Week, we’re introducing you to Judith Malvern, a committee member for the York Region WALK for ALS. When her sister passed away from ALS, Judith felt she needed a way to pay it forward in her sister’s memory. She started volunteering with the WALK for ALS so that other people and families living with ALS have the equipment and services they so desperately need.

Watch this video to learn more about Judith and her ALS story.


Why did you get involved in the WALK for ALS? Do you have a personal connection to the cause?

My name is Judith Malvern and I’m a volunteer with the York Region WALK. I got involved in the ALS WALK because my sister was diagnosed with ALS and I saw and I used all those wheelchairs, lifts and walkers and every single piece makes such a difference to the quality of life and the mobility…to extend it. So, when she passed, the only way to pay it forward, as there was really nothing else I could do for her, was to start fundraising to know that someone else would have that equipment in her honour. And so our whole family across the country are involved and I’m just honoured to be part of all this.

What is your favourite part about the WALK for ALS in YOUR community?

It’s amazing, I’ve been in volunteer work my entire life and there are the best people involved with the ALS fundraisers: loving, caring people who give 150 per cent.

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