When a friend or loved one is living with ALS, the holiday season can be a difficult time. This is certainly true for the Peacock family ever since husband and father Jeff was diagnosed with ALS three years ago.

This year, Jeff won’t be able to decorate the tree, hand out gifts or enjoy dinner like he used to.  ALS progresses very quickly and he is now confined to a power wheelchair and uses a feeding tube to ensure proper nutrition. Jeff’s wife Susan says that this time of year can be particularly challenging. Many days they find themselves shedding tears of sadness, but also of gratitude: “Sadness for the profound difficulties Jeff is living through,” Susan says, “And gratitude for the love and support of our family and friends – and for caring people who donate to ALS research.”

Thanks to generous donor support, ALS Canada is able to help families like the Peacocks as they navigate their journey. We hold support groups, help families access equipment and assistive devices, and connect them with other healthcare providers and community supports. Donations also help fund research to find effective treatment options for ALS.

Please consider making a holiday donation to support the much-needed services that ALS Canada provides for individuals and families living with this devastating disease, as well as to research to make ALS treatable, not terminal.

For families like the Peacocks, your contribution is the most meaningful gift they could ever receive.


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