1988. At the office. A young independent redhead grabs Jocelyn’s attention immediately.

She emits a contagious “joie de vivre” that instantly seduces the young man. Chantal, on the other hand, was charmed by Jocelyn’s ability to listen and his sincere consideration for everyone around him. After almost 23 years of marriage and a daughter named Maya, their love has never been so strong. Their secret? “It’s in the little things: a look, a gesture, a spontaneous hug, a compliment, a morning smile and tenderness. These are all elements that keep our flame alive,” confides Chantal.

“This is why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, everyday.” Jocelyn does everything in his power to make his wife’s life as beautiful as possible.

“ Being by her side and seeing her beautiful smile everyday is what fills me with happiness. For me, this is unconditional love, and it will be this way until the end. ”

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