In October 2018, a new ALS treatment called Radicava was approved by Health Canada. It’s one of only two treatment options available to people living with this terminal disease. Today, over a year later, Radicava is still not available to Canadians through public drug plans.

We want to change that.

Join us in advocating for swift public reimbursement for Radicava – not just for people living with ALS today but to help lay the groundwork for access to future ALS therapies.  Given the urgent need for ALS treatments, people who may benefit from Radicava must be able to access it in a timely and affordable way. More than 500 Canadians with ALS died during Health Canada’s six-month approval process for Radicava – how many more will die awaiting availability through publicly-funded drug programs.

In partnership with ALS Societies across Canada, we are urging each province to reimburse Radicava without further delay. Join us and make your voice heard.

What you can do right now

Email the Minister of Health in your province asking that Radicava be made accessible through public reimbursement without further delay. Use this e-advocacy tool to send the email with just one click! And don’t forget to share with your family and friends so they can add their voices.

Want to do more?

Connect with your provincial ALS Society or email and tell us you are interested in advocating for Radicava within your province. We’ll help you use this advocacy package to engage your local elected representative.

No Canadian should lose their life while waiting for a potentially effective treatment to become accessible through publicly funded drug programs. Working with our partner ALS Societies across the country, ALS Canada’s goal is to ensure timely, equitable and affordable access to all clinically proven ALS therapies, including Radicava. Take the time to become involved on behalf of all people affected by ALS.

Visit us at to learn more.

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