Tips and tricks from past ALS Canada Plane Pull participants

The countdown is on to ALS Canada’s Plane Pull to End ALS. With only two days until the event, we wanted to help get you in the right frame of mind and give you some advice to consider. Pulling a plane isn’t something that most people have done and there really isn’t a lot of information available on what you should keep in mind as you step onto the tarmac and take the rope in hand. We talked to some of ALS Canada’s past Plane Pull participants and they have some words of wisdom to those participating in the event this Saturday.

It’s psychological, it’s physical, it’s collaborative. Jill Bridgman, VP Fund Development, hints that staggering your team evenly along the rope is important and that, “it’s all about team work. Communicate with your team. Encourage them every step of the way, and don’t give up.” She encourages you to “make some noise. Think Sharapova on the tennis court. It really does help.”


water droplet next to a water bottle
Alexandra Olar, Client Services Coordinator, recommends that you warm up by stretching and stay hydrated. “Pulling a plane was literally the hardest thing I ever did,” says Alexandra. “But, it gives you lots of positive energy and let’s face it, how many people can say they pulled a plane?”


person stretching
Shaheen Mushin, Database Assistant, got the workout of his life and you will too! He says “it’s a full body workout using your back, legs and arms. Lean forward and take short, choppy steps instead of having your feet spread apart.”


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For some, the approach to the pull is what’s most important. George Hubbard, Manager, Events and Volunteer Engagement says you’ve got to “focus on the goal – the finish line – and work together to get there.”


wrapped rope

Eve Smithwhite, Stewardship and Partnership Engagement Coordinator, gives step-by-step directions on how to successfully pull a plane. Her advice is to “start off by pulling the plane with the rope extended in front of you. Once you feel as though you have momentum, turn around with the rope over your shoulder extended behind you and continue. This will give you the angle and technique that you need you bring the plane over the finish line!”


Whatever your approach, the main thing is that you’ll be Pulling Together to End ALS with your awesome teammates and in the end, whatever your pull time may be, you’ll have contributed to improving the lives of people living with ALS. And you can check “pull a plane” off your to-do list this weekend.

We’re looking forward to an incredible day and we wish all the teams participating the best of luck!

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