Tips from past participants on how to pull together to end ALS

With the 2019 ALS Canada Plane Pull to End ALS happening this weekend, we connected with returning participants to get the low-down on what this year’s teams should keep in mind as they step onto the tarmac.


Jessica Pellerin is the Communications Officer at PortsToronto. She wants to remind participants to “warm-up, stretch, and wear shoes with grip to give yourself extra pulling leverage.” Jessica also notes that it’s essential to “gather your team prior to your pull time to decide your pulling order and direction.” This is one of the finer details that people tend to forget until they’re “standing in front of a 37,000-lb plane.”

“Watching other teams pull the 37,000-lb plane can make it look like a piece of cake, but don’t be fooled—you’ll be working those muscles!”

– Jessica Pellerin, Team PortsToronto

Words of encouragement

Monica Boaretto is the Manager of Superior Machining Limited and a returning team member of Team For Pete’s Sake. With six years of plane pulling under her belt, Monica shares that her team “usually starts off facing backward.” It’s also important to keep spirits up, which is why;

“…someone on the team would yell out ‘turn and burn’ to [give them] extra motivation.” Monica mentions that “coffee [also] helps!” – Monica Boaretto, Team For Pete’s Sake

Mind over matter

It’s important to “believe in yourself” because if you do, “you can achieve anything.” Lolo Lam is an ALS Canada Plane Pull to End ALS veteran, returning to the event for her seventh year as a participant. Her advice includes believing in yourself, because

“… if you can pull a plane that is 37,000-lbs, then anything is possible.”

On September 21st, the teams participating in the Plane Pull to End ALS will gather on the Billy Bishop Airport tarmac to flex their fundraising muscles. Thank you to event sponsors Equitable Bank, PortsToronto, and Air Canada for collectively working toward a future without ALS.

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