Today is Giving Tuesday. On this very special day of giving from the heart, I hope you’ll give the most precious gift of all — the gift of hope.

Right now, approximately 3,000 Canadians are living with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) — a degenerative disease that quickly and progressively steals a person’s mobility, speech and eventually the ability to breathe. Today, most people live only two to five years after a diagnosis.

Please make your Giving Tuesday gift to the ALS Society of Canada.


Recently, Dr. Alex Parker and his team discovered that genetically mutated proteins causing ALS may be viewed similar to an infection, which triggers the innate immune system. They found that blocking the immune response actually reduced motor neuron degeneration.

This area of study holds great promise, but in order to pursue it and other groundbreaking research, additional funding is needed. Please help.

Make a donation now in support of ALS research.

Help bring us closer to reaching our goal of making ALS treatable, not terminal. For people living with this fatal disease, time is of the essence. So please give now.

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