A letter from Tammy Moore, ALS Canada’s Chief Executive Officer

Let me start by saying thank you

Thank you for standing beside us throughout the year, driven by our shared vision: a future without ALS. Today, I want to share how much closer we are to turning this vision into a reality and why we need your continued support to get us even closer.

First, let me express my immense gratitude to our entire donor community. Thanks to your support, we’ve made huge strides:

  • Earlier Diagnoses: With projects like ReferALS, we’re paving the way for faster ALS diagnosis in Canada. This means timely access to treatments, clinical trials, and improved quality of life.
  • Empowering Our Community: The ALS Canada Canadian ALS Learning Institute (CALI) has become a wealth of knowledge for countless Canadians, providing rich information and empowering them to share their stories and make change.
  • A Milestone in Treatment: The approval of therapies is a testament to our relentless drive. With your help, we strive to ensure equitable access to treatment options for Canadians.

But our work isn't finished yet

Nearly 4,000 Canadians are battling ALS daily. They rely on our services, information resources, and support groups to navigate this journey. They rely on our relentless advocacy for access to better treatment options, and they rely on our neverending drive to invest in groundbreaking research. With zero government funding, our lifeline is the collective strength and compassion of donors like you.

What your support means:

  • Reinforces our pursuit of timely, affordable, and equitable access to therapies.
  • Continues the critical research funding across Canada, moving us closer to more treatment options for ALS.
  • Ignites impactful conversations with key government officials, emphasizing the urgency for research funding and policy shifts.
  • And ultimately, it gets us another step closer to a future without ALS.

This December, let’s rally around families facing ALS. Your donation will make a difference in their lives today and fuel hope, pushing us closer to a world free of ALS. 

Your generosity is also a vital reminder to people living with ALS right now that there is still so much they can do and that the ALS community is standing by their side. 

Together, ALS Canada is able to be a beacon of hope for thousands of Canadians. Let’s shine brighter this December. The year may be coming to an end, but there’s so much we can still do. Together, let’s create a future without ALS.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Tammy Moore

Chief Executive Officer

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