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2018 was a momentous year for the ALS community. Discoveries were made that advance our understanding of the disease, clinical trials showed encouraging results, and the first therapy in over 20 years was approved for use in Canada for people living with ALS.

Yet in the same year, ALS continued to take countless moments and lives from families. We know how much ALS takes, and we know how desperately the community needs hope for a brighter future.

That’s why, over the holidays, we asked you to help stop ALS from continuing to take. Between Giving Tuesday and December 31, 2018, you gave generously in support of people and families living with ALS.

“I donated in memory of my Dad who left our world nine and a half years ago because ALS wasn’t curable. I am hoping that one day it is so other people don’t miss out on time together.”

These donor dollars are being used to help offset the financial burden for people and families living with ALS in Ontario by giving them access to equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, ramps and stair lifts, all of which are made available through ALS Canada’s equipment loan program.

“I gave for my mom, Anusuya Casinathan, who nurtured, cared and taught us to be independent. In her last days, her independence was severely curtailed. ALS Canada was on her side helping as much they could.”

In addition, donations received during the 2018 holiday season will be used to invest in promising research that will pave the way for a future without ALS.

“My donation was for my beautiful auntie Marlene who passed from ALS at the age of 59. ALS Canada was a massive support. To the researchers: PLEASE DON’T STOP! WE SUPPORT YOU! With love from SSM, Julia”

On December 13, 2018, Dr. David Taylor, VP of Research at ALS Canada, made a Facebook Live announcement about research funding made possible thanks to donor dollars. If you missed it, you can watch the archived video below.



Thank you so much to everyone who gave a gift and shared their reasons for giving over the holiday season. Your stories reinforce the pressing need for research funding and one on one support for Ontarians living with ALS. Together, we can take a stand against all that ALS takes.

“I gave in solidarity to all the people who live with this horrible disease. Giving to the cause fuels the hope that one day, ALS won’t be a terminal disease anymore.”


“I was diagnosed with ALS last May. I am 79, so I don’t have enough years left to hope for a cure for ALS. I do hope by contributing to this fund, that some hope may result. Emile”

With so much progress being made, we can’t afford to lose momentum. Your gifts are already doing amazing things in creating hope, improving quality of life for those living with ALS, and contributing toward a future without ALS. There’s one more thing you can do that has tangible results: join ALS Canada’s Circle of Hope Monthly Giving Club.

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