Letter to the Federal Minister of Transport on the accessibility of air travel for passengers using mobility devices

June 26, 2024 – Earlier this month, ALS Canada sent a letter to Federal Minister of Transport, the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, highlighting the urgent need for accessible air travel for Canadians who rely on mobility devices like wheelchairs, including people living with ALS, and advocating for equitable access to air travel for all. 

For people living with ALS, air travel offers opportunities to connect with loved ones, access care in ALS-specialized clinics, and participate in clinical trials. Yet, they often encounter significant challenges during air travel, such as damage to or loss of wheelchairs, and discomfort or injury from transferring out of specialized chairs, compromising their safety and well-being. Living with ALS already presents considerable challenges, and the lack of accessible air travel only adds to these difficulties, underscoring the urgent need for action in this area. 

We remain committed to working with the federal government to ensure that people using mobility devices, including people living with ALS, can travel by air safely and with dignity.  

To read our letter and learn more, click here.