RADICAVA Oral Suspension (edaravone) listed on the Provincial Drug Formulary in Ontario

August 1, 2023 – The province of Ontario has listed RADICAVA Oral Suspension (edaravone), also known as oral edaravone, on the public formulary as a therapy accessible through the Ontario Drug Benefit Program’s Exceptional Access Program (EAP) as a treatment for ALS. This decision comes quickly after the conclusion of the pCPA negotiations, making Ontario the first province to fund oral edaravone, demonstrating that together the collective voices of the ALS community can make a difference.

We urge all remaining provinces and territories to reimburse oral edaravone without delay.

Now more than ever, advocating to your provincial and territorial government will send a clear message to decision-makers that there is an urgent need for the ALS community to have equitable access to treatments. Advocating for swift and equitable public reimbursement of oral edaravone will help lay the groundwork for access to future ALS therapies. It can take as little as 60 seconds to tell the Minister responsible for health in your province or territory that oral edaravone must be reimbursed without delay. Participate in the campaign here.

ALS Canada will continue to actively support the other provincial drug programs to make informed, inclusive, and expedited reimbursement decisions by bringing forward the perspective and experiences of people affected by ALS.

If you live in Ontario and are interested in accessing the therapy, connect with your ALS neurologist to understand any conditions for coverage.