Remembering Carol Skinner

Collage of ALS Canada Ambassador Carol Skinner February 4, 2021 – With great sadness, we recognize the incredible contributions of Carol Skinner, who passed away last weekend. Diagnosed with ALS in 2013, Carol soon after became an ALS advocate and an ambassador for ALS Canada. She attended the first meeting of the all-party ALS Caucus on Parliament Hill in November 2016 and many other government meetings thereafter. With determination and passion, she helped others to understand the harsh realities faced by people living with ALS and the need for government to do better, working with others in the community to spearhead a letter-writing campaign calling on the federal government to provide dedicated ALS research funding. A regular attendee and speaker at the Ottawa Walk to End ALS, Carol had a smile and laugh that made others feel good. Her blog, Live Love Laugh with Carol, was a source of positivity and strength for many. Her contributions extended into the global arena where she shared her lived experience and perspective as a member of the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations’ pALS and cALS Advisory Council.

Carol, your contributions were many, and so very meaningful. Thank you for the difference you have made. We will miss you greatly and carry you in our hearts.