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June is ALS Awareness Month, a time to unite and make an extraordinary impact. Today, I’m excited to share an opportunity for you to join in that impact. My name is Chris Pon, and my family’s journey with ALS began in December 2021 when my father was told he had ALS. The disease progressed rapidly […]

United in our memory

My name is Sam Najjar and I have personally experienced the impact of ALS. Fourteen years ago, my father was diagnosed with ALS, and our lives were changed forever. Watching him face this disease was incredibly hard, but his strength and resilience have inspired me to join this fight. June is ALS Awareness Month, and […]

Become a monthly donor and contribute to a future without ALS

If you’ve ever been touched by ALS, you understand how devastating the disease can be. A disease that takes away someone’s ability to walk, talk, eat, swallow, and eventually breathe, ALS has no cure and the majority of people diagnosed die within two to five years. If ALS is your cause of choice and you’d […]