Toronto Star op-ed recognizes disparities in Ontario health care system for people living with ALS

February 20, 2024 – Today, The Toronto Star has published an op-ed from Tammy Moore, CEO of the ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada), which recognizes that Ontario’s health framework isn’t designed to address the unique challenges of ALS – a devastating disease that continues to take and take. This op-ed comes at an integral time as ALS Canada will come together with the ALS community tomorrow, February 21, for a Day of Action at Queen’s Park.

We look to raise awareness of the current realities of the province’s health care system, which fails to meet the complex and urgent needs of people living with ALS, leaving more than 1,300 Ontarians without adequate care and support.

ALS Canada urges the Ontario government to invest $6.6 million of crucial funding in Budget 2024 to support Ontarians living with ALS and their families with their health care needs. This is part of the Ontario Provincial ALS Program.

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