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Circle of Hope: A group committed to a future without ALS

If ALS is your cause of choice and you’d like to make a difference on an ongoing basis, consider becoming a monthly donor. Your contribution each month can provide ALS Canada with the stability and strength to leap forward during a time of unprecedented optimism and forward momentum. Monthly donations can be made in any recurring amount so you can set a budget-friendly amount that over time will add up to a donation greater than you might be able to give at any one time.

Hope for tomorrow

While the pace of scientific discovery never seems fast enough, monthly donations in any amount provide a steady stream of funding for research investment. For example, 350 new monthly donors each giving $30 a month would, over a one-year period, add up to an amount equivalent to one of ALS Canada’s research grants, which fund the best Canadian ALS research with the greatest potential to slow down or even stop the disease.

Hear our voices now

With your support every month, we are able to continue to apply pressure on the government for better support and access within the healthcare system when we see an opportunity to make an impact. We can advocate for policy changes that will have a meaningful impact on people living with ALS today and in the future, including equitable, timely and affordable access to therapies, improved home and community care, research funding and more.

Help for today

Equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, ramps and stair lifts are expensive, but your monthly gift has the power to make these items available through the equipment pool that helps us make frequently-used items available on loan to Ontario families who need them most.

  • A donation of $25 a month ($0.83 per day) over the course of a year can buy the transport wheelchair that will help minimize the challenges of decreased mobility.
  • A donation of $50 a month ($1.60 per day) over the course of a year can provide a portable ramp that will allow someone living with ALS to move in and out of their home freely.
  • A donation of $100 a month ($3.33 per day) over the course of a year can give someone the easy lift chair they need to sit comfortably in their living room.


As a member of the Circle of Hope Monthly Giving Club, you will receive:

  • An annual tax receipt mailed or e-mailed in February of the following year with an exclusive year-end review
  • ALS Canada’s quarterly e-newsletter with updates about community-based support, research and advocacy
  • A mailed or e-mailed copy of the ALS Canada Annual Report


Become a monthly donor today! You can set up your monthly contribution easily online and within minutes.

Want to become part of the Circle of Hope Monthly Giving Club, but have questions?

Contact a member of the ALS Canada donor support team at 1-800-267-4257 press 3 or send them an email at

Your monthly donation will be withdrawn on the first day of each month.