Give at your workplace

Corporate Matching

Increase your impact by asking your employer to match your gift. Depending on their matching gift policy, an employee’s gift can be matched dollar-for-dollar, in multiples or by a percentage. Corporate matching is an opportunity for you to increase the impact of your gift and help more people affected by ALS today and in the future.

How to make a matching gift with your employer:

  1. Ask your Human Resources representative about your company’s matching gift policy.
  2. If your company matches gifts, send the completed employer-provided form to ALS Canada ( or see mailing address that follows) and make a donation (send a cheque or over the phone at 1-800-267-4257). Mailing address: ALS Canada, 393 University Avenue, Suite 1701, Toronto, ON  M5G 1E6
  3. After receiving these, ALS Canada will contact your company to verify that you have provided the form and made a donation.
  4. Employer will send their donation, matching yours.

Donations by payroll

Many workplaces offer you the opportunity to make a donation to your charity of choice through your payroll. Ask your Human Resources representative if this is an option and give to ALS Canada today.

ALS Canada is a member of the following workplace giving programs:


Federated Health Charities

Since 2018, members of the Ontario Public Service (OPS) across Ontario have been giving to ALS Canada through the Federated Health Charities campaign. This is a workplace charitable campaign that gives employees in the OPS the opportunity to support up to 17 health charities through payroll deductions, donations and special events.

If you are an OPS employee, help the ALS community by selecting ALS Canada on your donation form.



HealthPartners connects the public and private sectors to Canada’s most respected and well-known health charities, which represent some of the most devastating illnesses and chronic diseases faced by Canadians. ALS Canada is proud to be a member charity of HealthPartners, giving employers and employees across the country the opportunity to donate, volunteer, and create a future without ALS.

If your workplace does not have a workplace giving campaign, HealthPartners makes it easy for your employer to set one up through a free, easy-to-use online tool called GiveAtWork™. GiveAtWork lets you create custom campaigns for your whole organization, or for specific departments or sites, to donate to charitable organizations. Ask your employer to set up GiveAtWork at your workplace today.

Questions about workplace giving

If you have questions about workplace giving, contact the ALS Canada team at