ALS is a rapidly progressing, fatal disease where timeliness is essential in all aspects, making the time to diagnosis, a critical part of the journey with the disease. Currently, in Canada, it can take up to two years or more for someone to be diagnosed with ALS. Lengthy time to diagnosis and longer periods of uncertainty are amongst the most stressful burdens on people affected by ALS.

ReferALS is a program designed to help non-ALS general or community neurologists to recognize and understand the signs and symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), as well as how and when to refer suspected ALS cases to a specialty Canadian ALS Research Network (CALS) Clinic. The initiative aims to reduce time to diagnosis of ALS across Canada, expediting critical access to multidisciplinary care, approved treatments, and clinical trials which may slow disease progression and/or improve quality of life.

ReferALS Early Referral Tool

The ReferALS Early Referral Tool is part of the ReferALS program, which both physicians and patients can use to help prepare them on the steps for referral to a Canadian ALS Research Network (CALS) Clinic.

This is a downloadable, printable, PDF document.

Pages one and two are a tool for non-ALS general or community neurologists to use to support them in referring someone experiencing symptoms of ALS to a Canadian Research Network (CALS) Clinic.

Page three is a tool for patients to help answer questions around why they may be being referred to a CALS clinic and provides more information on the CALS network. Page four was designed as a space for referring neurologists or patients to write down notes or questions they may have.

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