Why I am bequeathing ALS in my will:

For almost 13 years, between 2004 – 2016, ALS Canada was the grounding support for my husband Tim, as he lived with and died because of ALS at only 58. The support groups, the equipment we obtained through the ALS Canada Equipment Program, and hope provided through research were essential to his quality of life, and also helped our whole family deal with the realities of ALS.

As a rare disease, with no direct financial support by the federal or provincial governments, ALS Canada relies on donors to help fund what I like to call the big three – Research (grants that will provide research into life-sustaining treatments), Advocacy (to the government and other partners) and Support (through programs provided across the country and direct services to families in Ontario through the Community Leads). The greatest gift that I can leave ALS Canada, to continue its work after I die, is to bequeath the organization a significant gift in my will. I do this to say thank you but I also do this because it will offset estate taxes – both an emotional and practical end of life plan.

Please speak to the ALS Canada team to find out more about how you can support ALS in this meaningful way, at the same time as you ensure your own family legacy.